Safeguarding Lead

Responsible for providing a safe environment as well as supporting teachers in ensuring students are aware of the risks and responsibilities of online interactions, you are the go-to person for students’ related concerns such as drug use, racism, self-harm, bullying, and radicalisation.

NetSupport DNA’s technology can be an extra instrument in your safeguarding toolbox: for instance, the Keyword and Phrase Monitoring feature provides schools with an insight into what students are typing or searching for – and even tracks the applications used for extra context. Severity levels allocated to safeguarding keywords dictate the outcome on matching: from a simple recording of the activity in the system, through to an instant alert or screen capture. Additional details of the triggered event can also be viewed, such as student logon ID, the PC used and the time it was triggered. You can then print, save, email or take a screen grab of the results to forward to a colleague to follow up on – or, alternatively, if not a real concern, simply mark the event as a false alarm.

The triggered keywords and phrases within all of the safeguarding categories can also be displayed as a word cloud. This provides further insight into what safeguarding issues are trending at your school, enabling you to monitor and intervene where needed, even drilling down to see trends by year group for any given period of time.

The Report a Concern tool also allows students to proactively report an issues to a nominated member of staff, encouraging dialogue when support is needed. Concerns, supporting documents and history of steps are all securely recorded. NetSupport DNA includes all the reports and evidence to demonstrate on inspection the effectiveness of your safeguarding and Prevent policies.

Safeguarding with NetSupport DNA

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