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In your role, you are fully aware of how technology has become a significant part of the modern educational landscape, bringing with it opportunities and challenges. With this is mind, accessing both local classroom management and school-wide IT asset management tools in one single solution helps support your school’s needs, whilst saving money.

Already conscious of ever-changing budgets and constantly looking for ways to make your finances go further without negatively impacting on students’ learning experiences, NetSupport DNA’s hardware and software inventory helps you avoid unnecessary purchases. You can see which PCs can be upgraded rather than replaced; where PCs can be redeployed to other staff or students; and PCs with software that have no or low usage, thereby avoiding pointless renewal costs. In addition, with the Print Monitoring feature, you can keep tabs on where your print costs are being generated, allowing you allocate costs accordingly – whilst the Energy and Power Management features enable you to set policies to reduce the number of PCs left on out of hours.

With access to Classroom Management solution, NetSupport School, your teaching staff can use its dedicated assessment, monitoring, collaboration and control features to help maintain students’ focus in technology-led teaching and learning, whilst improving the efficiency and quality of ICT teaching across any platform. Within the Assessment module, there are numerous tools supporting AFL techniques – and with its reporting features, teachers are able to easily access and store evidence in preparation for Ofsted inspections.

The enhanced safeguarding features will give you peace of mind that your students are well protected, with both proactive and reactive tools to control, monitor and prevent issues, as well as deliver reports for leadership review.

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