With a focus on educating students and demonstrating the use of Ofsted best practice, as well as being alert to signs which may indicate possible safeguarding concerns, your role is critical.

NetSupport DNA, together with our complementary Classroom Management solution, NetSupport School, provides schools with a single solution to not only support teaching and learning, but also ensure students are protected as they use school technology.

NetSupport School gives you access to dedicated assessment, monitoring, collaboration and control features to help maintain students’ focus in technology-led teaching and learning, whilst improving the efficiency and quality of ICT teaching across any platform.

Within the assessment module, the unique Question and Answer (Q&A) tool is designed specifically to support and evidence a range of AFL techniques – from peer assessment through to basketball questioning. Additionally, the Student Survey tool allows you to instantaneously capture student understanding by setting a question – or series of questions – for the entire class.

Regular self- and peer assessment is also considered to be good practice so that students can evaluate their own learning. The Digital Student Journal allows for improved metacognition and timely self-assessment, since students are continuously reflecting upon their progress.

Supporting a collaborative environment, the Group Chat feature allows you to assign roles such as 'team leader’, 'scribe’ or 'data collector’ to each student in the group when working together. This features can be useful when setting group homework, completing a flipped learning assignment or collaborating in class.

As well as being able to monitor student screens throughout the lesson, another useful tool is the Show mode, which allows you to showcase either your own screen or individual students’ screens to the rest of the class to demonstrate a concept or model exemplar work, as required.

Helping to support students in safeguarding matters, the Report a Concern tool in NetSupport DNA allows you to act as a confidante for students and document evidence (kept confidential where appropriate) to submit to your safeguarding coordinator.

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